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哲 凝

Gold boy shines to fly!




中秋节英文祝福Without you, the moon is round though my heart is empty.  

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中秋节英文:the Moon Festival 或 Mid-Autumn Festival (on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month)

中秋节快乐英文:Happy Mid-Autumn Festival


1   Without you, the moon is round though my heart is empty. 


2   East or west, home is best.


3  The moon cake is eaten away, but the sweetness remains. 


4  Where we love is home, home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts.  


5   When we are together, even the moon in the sky will be jealousy. 


6   My dear, can you hear my heart beating in the soft moonlight? I miss you so. 


7 To have a moonlight walk with you tonight is my best dream. 


8 Still remember the happy time on Mid-autumn Festival when we were children? Best wishes for you!  

9 Would you like to go and admire the beauty of the moon with me tonight?


10  Wish you and yours a happy holiday on this gathering day. 


天上有个月,水中有个月,我这儿也有个月。Sky One, the water there, I also have here months. 为送礼!For gifts! 现将月饼放在水中,用月光返照原理速递过来。 Now the cakes on the water, with penetration of courier from the moonlight. 祝中秋节快乐,月圆人更圆! I wish a happy Mid-Autumn Festival, one more round full moon!

Sound blessing for me to breeze transmission, whereas caring for the occasional water I placed, although not often rode together, but it always about you.

The Mid-Autumn Festival is a long epic will never be long estrogen; The family is an immortal flame burning forever forever warmth; Love is an altar wine too warm, never indulging fans forever!

An inter-mining Mingyue for your viewing, weave a cool autumn you covered, as appropriate pieces of glass Moon Palace drunken your heart, and do a blessing Zhong Yuan your dreams.

2001 is a full moon night, on three-under for you to: a child to dream of a round like, two days more than willing to sweet cakes, like beauty to three months cents.

The most beautiful holiday, you want to send a special blessing.

Try to find the most beautiful message, I did not do.

One of the most simple: a happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

I carefully done two cakes, one gave you, wish you happy holidays and all the best, youthful beauty, gave himself a blessed I know you.

刚刚送走了美丽的嫦娥,又迎来了祖国的华诞。Just off the beautiful Chang E, ushered in the birthday of the motherland. 借此机会我呈上对你衷心的祝福:祝你一切顺利,万事如意。 I take this opportunity goes to you my heartfelt blessing: I wish you all the best and every success. 你奔小康我来鼓劲,为了明天我们前进! You kept me fairly well-off to tomorrow!

Sound blessing for me to breeze transmission, whereas caring for the occasional water I placed, although not often rode together, but it always about you.

I wish your career and life as it phases of the Mid-Autumn Festival, bright bright, festive!

You will know tomorrow will be omnipresent SMS surrounded the outset let me wise blessing over high-rise buildings across the mountains through the streets, and passed the old lady selling tea, into your ear: a happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

The traditional festival, we will always be a very traditional kind of desire: a regular flower, Yuan, Chang, who often ... happy Mid-Autumn Festival.

God said: the so-called happiness, there is a thankful heart, a healthy body, the work of a Heart, a love you, a trusted friend to help, when you received this information, all subsequent owners! 祝中秋愉快! I wish a happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

Rolling rolling rolling rolling rolling rolling rolling rolling rolling rolling rolling rolling rolling rolling rolling rolling rolling rolling rolling rolling rolling rolling rolling rolling hot blessing given to you, a happy Mid-Autumn Festival, and family happiness!

The Ministry of Health issued a circular, all at home there will be turned over to the state treasury of the cakes, turned over to the state treasury pay my house also, the future not be allowed to breach drying moon!

I please a mosquito looking for the most lovable you, it will tell you I want you, and ask it for me Truth between kindsfold you, as it will for me to send you a lot of red envelopes. I hope I was the first one you wish a happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

August is not altogether gifts Clockwork SMS bless you, healthy and happy longer with you, good luck and you are not isolated, there let me tell you, the God of Wealth already follow you.

又是一年月圆夜,月下为你许三愿:一愿美梦好似月儿圆,二愿日子更比月饼甜,三愿心地犹如月光明。 2001 is a full moon night, on three-under for you to: a child to dream of a round like, two days more than willing to sweet cakes, three bright, as if to carefully. :) :)

中秋佳节不送礼,发条短信祝福你,健康快乐长伴你,好运和你不分离!The Mid-Autumn Festival does not give gifts, Clockwork SMS blessing you, with your long healthy and happy, good luck and you do not separation! 祝福你天天快乐。 Wish you a happy day.

一样的月光, 在你我的身上;送上香甜的月饼,连同一颗祝福的心,希望你过得每一天都像十五的月亮一样圆满成功。
Like the moon, you my possession; Into the sweet cakes, blessed with a heart, I hope you live every day like the moon 15 as a success.

The Mid-Autumn Festival, no longer pin, but sent sentence, as a clay: At this point do not hear each other, China is willing to monthly flow Zhao Jun.

以真诚为半径,用尊重为圆心,送您一个中秋圆圆的祝福……愿:爱您的人更爱您,您爱的人更懂您!The radius in good faith with respect to central, to send you a round of the Mid-Autumn blessing ... to: people love you more love you, you love the people

you ever! 好事圆圆! Good round! 好梦连连! A series of dreams! 预祝中秋快乐,月圆人更圆! We wish a happy Mid-Autumn Festival, one more round full moon! I give you a most memorable Mid-Autumn Festival, in your monthly round of the night, we will remember the day come together.

Sijie Haoyue every night, Zhi shared two hands linked, love passionately concentrated sweet like honey, the Ao Qingfengdian things come.

誓与君相伴月缺至月圆共度此时至此生! By Jun associated with the lack of a full moon to share this point of time!

那一场风花雪月的事。 It's a sentimental thing. 中秋的月亮,在窗外静静地悬着。 The Mid-Autumn Moon, quietly hung in the window. 我楞楞地看着它,仿佛它是一面明镜,你我在互相注视。 My mother looked at it, as if it is a mirror, you and I watch each other.

Meanwhile, the yearning season, I will be sincere and best wishes to concentrate messages with care and thought? With the airwaves towards you.

Autumn setting pegged the horizon, a rebel hearts miss Tim; Lonely Chang'e air time dance Antimasque anyone sit back; I Curative days I can form a thousand miles can also Chan.

On a night, the night you and me, you just gently Road to the sound of my Beauty wish you happy holidays!

月到中秋,分外想你。 The mid-autumn, particularly to you. 看到那空中圆圆的月亮吗? See that air round the moon? 那就是我想你

念你牵挂你的心! That is, I would like you to read you worried about your heart! 爱你吻你! Love you kiss you! 晚安! Goodnight!

Moon infants in the round, stone home, relatives dream souls around, bringing continuous love, friendship million friends, I wish Faced with this situation, indefinitely warm heart!

秋意撩人,愿在初秋的夜晚你我共享,皓月当空,思意正浓! Herald Democrats, in the early autumn evening to you and I share, bright, think Italy is strong! 祝中秋快乐,记得留块月饼给我哦! I wish a happy Mid-Autumn Festival, mooncakes to remember that I left block Oh!

Regardless In many, regardless of gathering and leave all those blessings forever linked in my mind, I wish you all every beautiful!

2001 Mid-Autumn went to far in my home, only one conviction in mind - I wish the pro-family well-being of the people forever!

每逢佳节倍思亲,我想说,无论我身在何处,无论我人在何方,我的心永远和你们在一起! Sze times during the festive season, I want to say, no matter where I was, whether I am in where my heart is with you forever!

中天皓月明世界,遍地笙歌乐团圆。 Transit Haoyue that world, everywhere complains Le reunion. 祝您的事业更加成功,从本次月圆时开始,好事不断! I wish your cause more successful from the start when the full moon, the good thing!

Another is the Mid-Autumn Festival, during the festival times Sze. 有多少人要欢聚一堂,又有多少人要千里寄相思? The number of people gathered to, and how many people to send Acacia Trinidad? 此时此刻,多少亲情、友情、爱情,多少温馨祝福涌上心头。 At this moment, the number of family love, friendship and love, how many warm wishes in my heart.

心跳要听到  思念要想到  祝福要心到 爱要说到  礼要做到  心要得到
Yearning to hear heartbeats to think of blessings to go To say that love to be at the heart should be
I will tell you the phone numbers of a stranger, he is joking that he would help to the Mid-Autumn full moon night, I tell you; I thought you, I am your mind, heart, I wish you a happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

You cakes I stuffing, smell the meeting; You are my kite is the line, recovery being chased by you; You Mingyue I Springs, menu 10,000 years!

The long-simmering creativity to the autumn wind, to the interpretation of its Acacia melody; Alice hope to reunite the hearts leap in space, the Moon Palace osmanthus trees to Syria under an eternal theme.

The festival, the cakes were sent to you: the first layer wealth; The second layer lucky; The third layer-Yun; The fourth layer opposite; INTERLAYERS shape. 祝您天天好心情!I wish you Tiantianhaoxinqing!

2009年1月12日 - Henry - 哲 凝


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2009年1月12日 - Henry - 哲 凝
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